Important: make an appointment before going to the City Hall

Most of the services at City Hall work with scheduled appointments. Picking up documents doesn't require an appointment.

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Registration, setting up an address and obtaining residence permits can bring a lot of questions. We will help you keep things simple. Here you can find your first to do's in Leuven.

Register at the Foreigners Office

First things first: all internationals are required to register at the Foreigners Office ('Dienst Niet-Belgen') of the City Hall in Leuven. The procedure and necessary documents needed will vary with every reason of stay (work or study), length of stay and nationality.

Check by the police officer

After registering at the Foreigners Office, your neighborhood police officer will drop by your new address to verify that you are living there. Be sure to clearly put your name on your doorbell or mailbox.

Due to the large number of addresses that need to be checked, there can be a delay of several weeks. In very exceptional cases, when the delay surpasses more than 10 weeks, you can get in touch with the police via

If you are not at home at the time of the officer's visit, you will receive a letter inviting you to report to the police station in your district. Make sure you do this as soon as possible in order to avoid misunderstandings or future administrative problems.

Belgian identity card / residence permit

The card you receive after registering at city hall is your official residence permit and serves a similar function in Belgium as your own national ID card. However, your national ID card and/or passport are the only documents which serve to prove your identity, while your residence permit serves to prove that you are authorized to legally stay in Belgium. To extend the validity of your residence permit, report to the Foreigners Office about 45-30 days before its expiry date

If you lose your residence permit, you must report this in person at the local police station and sign an official declaration of loss. Bring along two passport photographs as well. After an investigation by the police, you will be given a duplicate of your residence permit.

Are you an international?

An initiative of the City of Leuven and Leuven MindGate, the International House Leuven is an information, knowledge and service center for internationals and their families, and for organizations in the Leuven region employing international talent.

The International House Leuven provides support related to relocation, social integration, living and working in the Leuven region. International House Leuven is the vibrant hub for local networking and community building. It strengthens and showcases Leuven’s diverse and international character.