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Test Lab Coordinator

Your team builds smart machines, assembly cells and robots to demonstrate and test new technologies. You lead the team and manages its planning.

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Electronics & Engineering

Test Lab Coordinator

(Leuven, Lommel, Kortrijk)

Your team builds smart machines, assembly cells and robots to demonstrate and test new technologies. You lead the team and manages its planning.

Our labs feature many new prototype machines and new ones are being built every month. We use them to demonstrate the technology of the future to companies.

We test how new vehicle prototypes are performing, what trucks of the future look like, how weaving machines can work faster and more energy-efficiently, how robots work together with people, how drones can count stock in warehouses, how smaller motors can still deliver sufficient power, and so on. Our test infrastructure is intensively used by researchers and systematically upgraded for the new technologies of the future.

Job description

As test lab coordinator, you lead a rock-solid service team of electromechanical technicians and application engineers divided over 3 sites. Together with your team, you ensure that all labs are running smoothly and that new test setups are designed, built and tested. Your internal customers are our project managers and researchers.

Your tasks:

  • You collect and prioritise diverse work requests for your service team from various internal and external customers;
  • You install the right tools to facilitate the planning and management of your labs, taking into account optimal occupancy, workable efficiency, safety, customer-friendly service, scheduled maintenance and smooth logistics.
  • You keep abreast of the vision of the future by consulting with the managers of the various departments and organise the design and construction of new test infrastructure;
  • You monitor the use and maintenance of current setups and organise upgrades or dismantling operations whenever necessary.
  • Using your practical knowledge of mechanical engineering, electricity or electronics, you occasionally assist in day-to-day technical activities, such as:
    • design of test setups for a wide range of prototype machines and robots;
    • maintenance and dismantling operations;
    • technical assembly and commissioning, including instrumentation of test vehicles and machines and procurement of parts;
    • organisation of equipment, storage and maintenance;
    • building facility management tasks.
  • Above all, you are a coach for your team, you listen to their needs, support and guide them, and you coordinate the communication with other departments.
  • You regularly travel to the different labs (Lommel, Kortrijk, Leuven) to keep in touch with the challenges of your team and the context in which they work.


You have:

  • A master’s degree in a relevant engineering discipline (e.g. Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Automotive, Industrial, Automation, ICT, Control, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering...);
  • Good organisational skills combined with decisiveness;
  • Experience in managing technical profiles;
  • Maturity, diplomacy and motivation that engages others;
  • The ability to assess situations quickly and correctly;
  • Strong digital skills and fluent user knowledge of MS Office;
  • A keen interest in automation and smart IT solutions.
  • Practical insight, possibly experience with DIY.

You are:

  • A people manager;
  • Proactive;
  • An organiser in heart and soul;
  • Creative and result-oriented;
  • Strong in planning;
  • Process- and result-driven in you approach;
  • A fluent communicator, both in Dutch and English.

Our offer

- You get the opportunity to put a personal mark on how you fill in this new position;

- A job with a great deal of autonomy within a stimulating working environment with short lines of communication.

- You are part of a growing, dynamic business with a top team of young and international researchers;

- You help build unprecedented high-tech setups, beyond anything you have ever encountered in the industry.

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How to apply?

To apply for this job opportunity, please go to http://jobs.flandersmake.be.

Complete the online application form and download your motivation letter and CV.

About Flanders Make

Towards a digitally transformed, sustainable and competitive industry

Flanders Make is a fast-growing research centre that performs research to support companies from various sectors in their sustainable innovation processes. From our establishments in Lommel, Leuven, Kortrijk and Sint-Truiden and labs within the 5 Flemish universities, we stimulate open innovation through excellent research.

Because of our unique position as a bridge between industry and research, our teams combine application and system proficiency with technological and scientific knowledge. Academic partners and more than 150 companies are part of the innovative circular ecosystem of Flanders Make.

Our strategy based on industrial needs and long-term trends ensures a close link with the industry and its challenges. With our programmed research, we create impact in companies.

Sustainability, climate and workability have a high priority in our research. We want to help companies in developing sustainable, green, smart and connected products and production systems, with a special focus on people and their interaction with machines.

Our infrastructure

An insight into our labs can be found on our website. Test setups are situated either at one of our sites or at affiliated universities. However, the management of test setups at universities is not part of your job description.



How can we help?

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