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Smart lighting luminaires with a tunable spectral radiation pattern (ref. BAP-2024-422)

The Light and Lighting Laboratory of KU Leuven, department ESAT, has an excellent reputation within the lighting sector. Optical design of luminaires, energy-efficient lighting and color/appearance of materials are the main research topics. The laboratory features the most advanced light measurement equipment, necessary to guarantee services to businesses and to support (doctoral) research. Currently 20 people are employed within the laboratory and there are contacts with more than 70 companies from within the lighting sector.

Unit website: https://iiw.kuleuven.be/onderz...


Have you ever wondered about the exceedingly low efficiency of artificial lighting? Of all the photons leaving a typical lamp, it is likely that less than one in a million will strike the retina of a human eye. This is due to the spectral absorbance of the illuminated objects, the small aperture and field of view of the human eye relative to the area and solid angle of the illuminated space, and the limited occupation of this space. While it impossible to eliminate all of these loss factors, this efficiency could be significantly improved with smart lighting luminaires that adapt their radiation pattern and spectrum to the illuminated space and human beings within that space. Moreover, such systems could guarantee optimal lighting comfort and visual appearance, under various changing conditions.
In this PhD project, we want to develop adaptive lighting luminaires with a tunable spectral radiation pattern, by making use of state-of-the-art LED technology in combination with advanced optical components. Besides the realization of these systems, we want to investigate how such lighting luminaires can be used in various practical use cases, by combining them with compact, low-cost (multispectral) sensors to monitor the space, human presence and daylight.
This PhD research will happen in close collaboration with multiple actors from the Flemish lighting industry.


For this function, we are looking for an enthusiastic PhD candidate with the degree Master of Science or Master of Engineering Science/Technology, with a strong interest in lighting technology, optical simulations and system automation. In addition to a good scientific and research attitude, the candidate has good programming skills in Python or Matlab. Because the PhD will be conducted in close collaboration with industry, good communication skills and time-management are also very important.


We offer a PhD position in Engineering Technology, for a term of at least one year, renewable up to four years (subject to positive evaluation).
Excellent working conditions: https://www.kuleuven.be/person....
Professional development opportunities through KU Leuven doctoral training, participation in international conferences and workshops, teaching activities, etc.
The research will be executed within the Light&Lighting Laboratory, at KU Leuven Campus Rabot in Gent. The tentative starting date is October 1st, 2024.

For more information please contact Prof. dr. Youri Meuret, mail: youri.meuret@kuleuven.be.You can apply for this job no later than August 16, 2024 via the online application tool.

Apply before: 17/08/2024

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