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HIVA - Research Institute for Work and Society - is a multidisciplinary research institute of KU Leuven. We are a team of over 75 employees. Bringing different disciplines together under one roof and specialising in policy-oriented research on work and society gives HIVA a unique position within KU Leuven and beyond. In all our research activities, we strive to attain the highest scientific quality and societal relevance.

The research group ‘Work, Organisation and Social Dialogue’ focuses on two major research strands: (i) work and organisation, and (ii) civil society and social dialogue. This includes research on key issues such as working conditions and work organisation; minimum wages, collective bargaining and worker participation; occupational safety and health, including psychosocial risks; new forms of work and new organisational models, human resource management, and discrimination and inclusion. Most of our ongoing research projects are connected to both research strands, for example by investigating how job quality could be improved through worker participation. Our research aims to inform and evaluate Belgian and EU policies in this area. Throughout our research, special attention is given to vulnerable groups.

For the research group 'Work, Organisation and Social Dialogue' we are looking for a research manager with expertise on organisational change and its impact on employment and quality of work (including occupational safety and health and working conditions). Key topics within this research area are outsourcing and relocation of work, internationalisation, greening of jobs, the globalisation of value chains, the precarisation of work, the changes in supply and demand of skills and competences, etc.Website unit

For more information please contact Mrs. Karolien Lenaerts, tel.: +32 16 32 53 61, mail: karolien.lenaerts@kuleuven.be.

You can apply for this job no later than August 15, 2022 via the online application tool

KU Leuven seeks to foster an environment where all talents can flourish, regardless of gender, age, cultural background, nationality or impairments. If you have any questions relating to accessibility or support, please contact us at diversiteit.HR@kuleuven.be.




Apply before: 15/08/2022

Supervised by the head of the research group, as a research manager you are responsible for attracting, conducting and valorising applied scientific research on the topics described above. In terms of acquisition, you attract each year the necessary assignments to cover the salary cost of your team, a small group of researchers (1 to 2) with various scientific backgrounds and levels of experience. Building up a broad network in your specific area of expertise (policy makers, social partners and other important stakeholders in Belgium and in Europe) and actively exploring opportunities significantly contribute to achieving this target. You ensure the correct execution of the awarded projects, both in terms of scientific quality and respect for time limits and budgets. This requires not only that you systematically expand and optimise your own expertise and project management skills, but also those of your team members. You actively contribute to dissemination and valorisation: you will publish the research results in scientific publications (and also in more accessible articles aimed at a wider audience), present at academic conferences and encourage and support the researchers in your team to do the same. You work closely with the other research leaders in the group and thus contribute to the broadening of the research offering of the team. Finally, in this role you will also be actively involved in HIVA policy-making.

  • You hold a PhD in social or behavioural sciences or in another scientific discipline with demonstrated research experience and expertise regarding the impact of organisational change on employment and on the content and the quality of work.
  • You have extensive experience with quantitative and/or qualitative research.
  • You have important and relevant experience with the topics of the research group and are familiar with the related national, regional and EU policies and regulations.
  • You already have an extensive network of in this field – ranging from policy makers, researchers to practitioners – and are willing to actively grow this even further in order to attract new projects from there.
  • You have experience in attracting and managing projects funded by the EU (e.g. tenders, Horizon Europe) and/or by national funds (e.g. SBO, FWO, BRAIN).
  • You are creative in conceptualising, developing and concluding research projects in a timely and successful manner, always to the highest scientific standards.
  • You have the necessary social and leadership skills to coach a small multidisciplinary research team, collaborate in (international) scientific networks and establish relationships with government agencies and other stakeholders.
  • You can prove your experience with the valorisation of research results through publications and other contributions.
  • You combine a high degree of autonomy with an outspoken team spirit and sense of cooperation, and a clear scientific orientation with entrepreneurship and managerial skills.
  • You have excellent communication skills (in Dutch as well as English, both written and oral). Good knowledge of French is a plus. You can smoothly adapt your communication style to different target audiences and you have excellent presentation skills.
  • The possibility to contribute to innovative, (inter)national research projects with significant societal relevance in a challenging managerial role.
  • The opportunity to specialise and shape your own research portfolio.
  • Extensive learning opportunities.
  • A full-time open-ended contract (positioned in KU Leuven salary scale 52 or 53 (depending on proven expertise, experience and track record) for research managers), with group and hospitalisation insurance, and other fringe benefits.
  • A pleasant working and team atmosphere in a multidisciplinary, dynamic, university team.
  • HIVA attaches great importance to an organisational climate in which employees can make an active contribution to the objectives of the institute and in which they can develop their own talents. You will be working in an environment where initiative is appreciated and personal commitment is encouraged.

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