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Deep Learning Computer Vision Engineer

TRACE vzw is an organization that was founded in 2017 to provide added value to industrial R&D projects by translating cutting edge research into real-life applications. The main focus involves the development of vision software for autonomous driving in collaboration with Toyota Motor Europe (TME) nv/sa.

Contact: gioacchino.haers@trace.vision, marc.proesmans@trace.vision


Nederlands - English


Electronics & Engineering

The organization is embedded within the computer vision department PSI-VISICS at ESAT / KU Leuven, where we collaborate with academia to bridge the gap between state-of-the-art research and practice. TRACE is also linked to a network of high-caliber research labs in Europe, focusing on computer vision technology for automated cars.


As a computer vision engineer you will perform R&D to advance the state of the art in deep learning technologies for autonomous driving. You will develop algorithms for complex tasks like object detection, classification and tracking, full 3D scene understanding, multi-sensor fusion, human interaction etc. You will interact with a multi-talented team of deep learning specialists, software pipeline engineers, computer vision experts and PhD students. You will contribute to our deep learning infrastructure and integrate and evaluate new features and capabilities to real prototype vehicles with the larger KUL/Toyota development team(s). We offer a competitive salary package as well as a friendly and fair working environment.


  • Ph.D. in computer vision or M.S. with greater than 3 years’ experience in a core computer vision area.
  • You are fluent with modern Deep Learning tools and have hands-on experience: e.g. PyTorch, Tensor Flow, ...
  • You can take initiative and independently work out complex problems.
  • You are proficient in Python.
  • Ready to learn and keep up with the rapidly moving state-of-the-art.
  • You quickly browse through the scientific literature to select promising methods for solving complex problems.
  • Experience with OpenCV and related computer vision libraries
  • Familiarity with C/C++ coding, object-oriented programming, embedded implementation and multi-threaded programming concepts and/or parallel programming languages, such as CUDA, OpenGL,... is a plus.
  • Good communication skills.
  • You have a good team spirit, you easily collaborate with colleagues and peers.
  • You are open minded and comfortable in sharing ideas.

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