Clinical Research Support Manager for Hearing Disorders

28 February 2019

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For more information please contact Prof. dr. Nicolas Verhaert, tel.: +32 16 37 78 53, mail: or Mrs. Lieselot Van Deun, mail:

You can apply for this job no later than December 28, 2019 via the online application tool
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Apply before 30 April 2019

A clinical research position is available at the department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the University Hospitals of Leuven with a factual appointment in the Research Group ExpORL of the Department of Neurosciences at KU Leuven. 

Goal is to provide professional support for study protocol writing with a clinical audiological focus. The applicant needs to provide important input and effort to optimize clinical research projects and extend current and new protocols to optimize clinical care for hearing disorders and hearing technology. The applicant will work in a multidisciplinary setting (within hearing disorders). Optimizing clinical databases is requested. An important focus exists to optimize scientific output of the department regarding clinical hearing problems. If revised positively, there is an important step-up towards independent clinical projects in close collaboration with tertiary referral clinical audiology pathology. 

The department of ENT, Head and Neck surgery is part of the University Hospitals Leuven, the largest academic center of Belgium. An important collaboration exist with the research group of Experimental Otorhinolaryngology (ExpORL), Dept. Neurosciences of the University of Leuven. This intensive collaboration provides a unique setting for evidence-based clinical care with a link to translational and applied research.
Leuven is located in the center of Belgium, in the heart of Europe. The ExpORL group consists of 7 professors and 5 post-docs and ~30 PhD students.
Main clinical and research topics of UZ Leuven: • Cochlear implant program in adults and children
• Active middle ear implant program in adults and children, access to new implant technology
• Bone conduction implant in adults and children
• A multidisciplinary center for the rehabilitation of hearing, speech and language (MUCLA)
• Middle ear pathology and clinical audiology
• Neonatal hearing diagnostics
• Vestibular schwannoma • Inner ear research, diagnostics and therapy
• Vestibular disorders and implants
The main research topics at ExpORL, Dept. Neurosciences are:
* Inner ear mechanics with new acoustic hearing implants
* Inner ear optical coherence tomography and cochlear implants
* Rehabilitation of hearing disorders
*New auditory measurement methods based on auditory brain evoked potentials for improved diagnostics and hearing instruments * Speech and music processing for cochlear implants
* Noise reduction for improved speech reception with hearing instruments in adverse and noisy listening environments
* Binaural hearing: signal processing schemes and evaluation procedures for bilateral acoustical and/or electrical hearing instruments
* New electrical stimulation for optimal neural excitation in cochlear implants
* Temporal neural processing in the auditory system

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  •  You will start, with support, for study protocol writing to tackle clinicalresearch questions driven by the research topics of the Otology and Neurotologyand MUCLA subgroups. A first focus will be on cochlear implants. You will helpto optimize clinicalcare for hearing disorders in collaboration with other researchers andclinicians. Finally, you will conduct your own research project, collaborating withPhD and postdoctoral researchers.
  • You are responsible for developing and evaluating protocols to improve clinicalcare of hearing disorders with a focus on cochlear implants and hearingsurgeries.
  • If needed, you will help to carry out clinical studies, this means recruitingsubjects, gathering subject’s file, guiding jobstudents, data gathering,handling and controlling.You are actively involved in data entrance controlsand will follow extra training for data reliability handling.

•         A master in Audiology and/or Speech Therapy OR in Medicine OR Biomedical Sciences

•         A strong background in audiology and/or speech therapy or in ENT domain orbiomedical sciences.

•         A PhD in biomedical or medical sciences is a bonus but not mandatory.

•         Preferably at least one publication in an international peer-reviewed journal or high qualityconference as the first author

•         Willingness to work in an interdisciplinary team

•         An interest in auditory perception and hearing technology

•         An inquisitive and creative mind, good problem solving skills

•         Excellent Dutchand English proficiency

•       Sufficient knowledge of statistical programs and database handling

·        Basic knowledge of clinical or translational studies

  •  Exciting clinical and applied research in the hearing disorder domain
  •  Membership of a world-renowned clinical and research department, as part of a motivated interdisciplinary team, with an extensive international network in collaboration with strong research groups at KU Leuven
  • Membership of UZ Leuven / KU Leuven, one of the largest research universities of Europe
  • The possibility to take part in international conferences and collaborations
  • A competitive salary
  • Extra trainings for clinical and translational study handling
  • The possibility to extend the work into a prolonged position in close collaboration with UZ Leuven.