SEM/TEM Engineer

25 June 2019

Embracing a better life

Do you have a technical engineering background? Lucky you, because good technicians are much in demand on the job market. But your skills are one thing. Your feeling’s something different. And you may be looking for a job where you can use your technical skills to create added value. For society. For the world.

Well, lucky you - again. Because at imec you get that chance. 'Embracing a better life' is our slogan. No hollow words, but daily reality. We are really working on a better future. Even better, we think of it and shape it. We do that together. 4,000 people. 90 nationalities. Spread across Europe, Asia and the USA. A diverse audience, but we are all believers of one overarching belief: the belief in technology. Because technology can - no, will - improve our lives.

Our contribution? That is small. Literally then: it's about nanoelectronics. The impact on the other hand is huge. Because our chips are used for high-tech solutions that contribute to more efficient health care, safer transport, more sustainable energy, you name it. You see: a better world starts with the technology behind it. And that technology is created in our cleanroom.

And that brings us back to you. Because in order to optimize the production process of chips as optimally as possible, attention to quality and efficiency is essential. And you can help us with that.

Never a dull moment

How do you do that? With a diverse range of tasks:

  • You are a technical expert in SEM inspections and up-to date on the current limitations and possibilities of the tools with a focus on semi-conductor materials.
  • You follow-up the different service queues offered by the operational department.
  • You are co-owner in achieving the different targets set within the department.
  • You are responsible for high quality and efficient first time request intake.
  • You are the point of contact for e-doc evaluation.
  • You detect potential efficiency and quality issues and take the appropriate action.
  • You coach and train operators within the SEM/TEM team.  You help 50% of the time with processing of the SEM/TEM requests


What are we looking for?

What you need to be eligible? Preferably a master’s degree with equivalent experience or you have several years of hands-on experience with automated metrology or SEM/TEM inspections of SEM within the semiconductor industry. Knowledge of English, Dutch is a plus. Other assets? Being strong in planning, prioritizing, multitasking and applying a hands-on approach. Does that sound like a lot? No panic, the desire to take on the challenge is the most important thing. Because working at imec is not a boring 9 to 5. An early, late, night or weekend shift: comes with the job. But no panic, that is not too bad. Imagine the seas of time you’d have at times when others are busy busy.

What's in it for you?

But of course you want to know what the salary package is. Well, besides a good salary, we offer you a free railroad pass, luncheon vouchers, a pension plan and various insurance policies (life, hospitalization, incapacity for work). In addition, imec also offers group purchases and discounts in various sports clubs and shops. To make your life a bit easier, you can also eat in our company restaurant and make use of the ironing service and childcare, also during the holidays. And finally, we continue to invest in you. By participating in a lot of internal training you stay on top of your game. Technically, so that you grow in your position and within the company, but also on a personal level, so that you grow as an individual.