Developer VR and AR applications for manufacturing industry (Leuven, Kortrijk, or Lommel)

24 June 2019

As a developer VR and AR applications, you create virtual and augmented reality solutions to support operators during the production process at Flemish companies.

Flanders Make performs research into the workplace of the future where the operator is supported cognitively by the latest multimedia applications (smart glasses, projection, smart displays) and physically by collaborative robots. Items addressed include e.g. dynamic work instructions and training using virtual and augmented reality.


As a developer in virtual and augmented reality:

  • You work together in a team which combines expertise in the organisation of the “Workplace of the Future” with multi-media devices;
  • With the team you figure out solutions to support the design of the workplace using augmented reality; you set-up VR training environments and you develop and test AR solutions to support operators during their tasks.
  • You implement the AR/VR technology in demonstrators and real life applications;
  • You work together with the partners in the industry and universities and the research engineers in our sites in Lommel, Kortrijk and Leuven;
  • You actively trace and present industrial challenges and research opportunities.


You have :

-       Bachelor or Master degree in a relevant domain;

-       Reliable expertise in setting up augmented of virtual reality applications;

-       Interest and competence to work together in a multidisciplinary team and with partners in the industry and universities;

-       Relevant experience in technology projects for real-life applications.

You are :

-       Passionate about new technologies;

-       A listening ear for industrial needs;

-       A team player who can build sustainable relationships with all the partners and colleagues;

-       Empathic and interested in the operators and their wellbeing;

-       Eager to learn.


-       Flanders Make offers you the opportunity to develop yourself in a network of top industry players, universities and research institutes;

-       An energetic, flexible and challenging working environment;

-       A warm and open-minded atmosphere;

-       Top colleagues that are expert in their domains opening doors for fruitful collaborations and learning;

-       An attractive salary with fringe benefits.

Working at Flanders Make.

Depending on your place of residence or preference, you can work in our offices in Leuven, in Lommel or in Kortrijk (flexible workplace policy).

This Animation movie illustrates how Flanders Make sees operators functioning in the factory of the future, working side by side with cobots, and autonomous mobile robots.

Take a look at Our research and our projects:

Flanders Make

Flanders Make is the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry. From our sites in Lommel, Leuven and Kortrijk, we stimulate open innovation through excellent research.

Our purpose: realising a top-level research network in Flanders that delivers full support to the innovation projects of manufacturing companies. This way, we want to contribute to new products and production processes that help to realise the vehicles, machines and factories of the future.

Because of our unique position between industry and research, our teams combine application and system proficiency with technological and scientific knowledge.

We focus on 4 key competences, all based on modelling and virtualisation:

1.            Decision & Control

2.            Design and optimisation

3.            Motion product specification, architecture, and validation

4.            Flexible assembly specification, architecture, and validation

How to apply?

To apply, go to

Please fill in the online application form and upload a motivation letter and cv.