24 May 2019

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For more information please contact Prof. dr. Eline Vanassche, tel.: +32 56 24 61 74, mail:

An application consists of: 
(1) a CV which includes the grades obtained during university course work; 
(2) an application letter which briefly details your interest in the project, as well as a description of your capabilities to make it work; 
(3) contacts of two reference persons.

Interviews with selected candidates will be held in the first week of July 2019. Interview applicants will be informed as soon as possible after the closing of the vacancy.  The invitation for the interview will include a short preparatory assignment. 

Starting date: (preferably) 2th September 2019.

KU Leuven seeks to foster an environment in which all talents can flourish, regardless of gender, age, cultural background, nationality or impairments. If you have any questions relating to accessibility or support, please contact us at

You can apply for this job no later than June 23, 2019 via the online application tool

Apply before 23 June 2019

The Subfaculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of campus Kulak and the Centre for Innovation and the Development of Teacher and School (CIDTS) is seeking a highly motivated, talented and creative PhD candidate interested in research on teacher educators’ professionalism.

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In line with existing research, this doctoral thesis will focus on teacher educators’ professionalism, and more specifically, the nature of the interaction occurring between the teacher educator, mentor and student teacher during supervisory conferences. These supervisory conferences have been recognized as a distinctive aspect of teacher educators’ work and also immediately bring into play the complex relationships with schools in initial teacher education. The PhD candidate will focus on what a teacher educator 'may do and not do' in the complex relationships with student teachers and school-based mentors. In giving center stage to actual teacher education practice (i.e. supervisory conference), this research project also challenges existing rather static conceptions of ‘professionalism’ operating in teacher education policy and research. We expect thecapacityto creatively combine and integrate key theoretical frameworks from neighboring fields (e.g. ‘positioning theory’, ‘frame analysis’, ‘micro politics’), aiming to support the development of a theoretical and analytical apparatus to understand and study the complexity of teacher education practice. The PhD project aims for fundamental, theory-building research, rather than practical application in initial teacher education (although both goals are not mutually exclusive).

We expect candidates to show a high degree of ‘intellectual courage’ and curiosity. Working autonomously, in close dialogue with the supervisor, you will design the theoretical and methodological approach of the project, collect and analyse data. The candidate will be expected to present findings on academic conferences and in scientific publications and also disseminate results more broadly to the teacher education community. The post offers sufficient support and professional development opportunities (research seminars, workshops, etc.) to further develop and strengthen your academic and professional competencies. 

Key words: teacher education; teacher educator; professionalism; qualitative research

  • You feel passionate about educational research.
  • You have a Master’s degree in Educational Sciences or a degree in a related field (or will acquire this degree before 1stOctober 2019).
  • You have strong academic capabilities (excellent study results – at least distinction on average).
  • You have demonstrable experience with qualitative research, and are willing to substantiate this experience further.
  • You demonstrate a result-oriented and critical-analytical mindset.
  • You take active responsibility for and ownership of the PhD project.
  • You possess a strong, compelling pen and voice in both Dutch and English (fluency in Dutch is a prerequisite for the empirical part of the project that will be conducted in Flemish teacher education organisations).
  • You are intellectually curious and eager to explore new ideas/concepts/frameworks/approaches/….
  • You look forward to spending a limited amount of your time on educational support for the Subfaculty’s study programme in educational sciences.
  • Our initial offer consists of a one-year contract as a full-time PhD researcher, renewable pending positive evaluation.
  • All necessary support to grow and develop into an excellent researcher and critical professional.
  • Thorough qualitative research methods schooling.