Senior Antenna & Packaging Designer

22 October 2018

You are an experienced antenna designer who has successfully completed high-volume product designs. At Pharrowtech, you turn our antenna and packaging prototypes into qualified products that meet all customer requirements. You take full ownership of all antenna, packaging and board design and measurement activities.


We are looking for an antenna and packaging designer with high-volume product design experience to take full ownership of all antenna, packaging and board designs in Pharrowtech, from concept to manufacturing and measurement. Responsibilities include:

  • tightly collaborating with product designers, system experts and RFIC designers, both within the Pharrowtech team and at customer side, to define ambitious specs and meet all boundary conditions;
  • designing RF and millimeter-wave antennas, packaging and PCBs that meet all performance criteria;
  • writing and executing measurement, test and qualification plans;
  • ensuring compliance with all antenna-related regulation and standardization;
  • selecting and managing all technology suppliers and contractors to ensure timely and on-spec delivery.


The successful candidate brings extensive industrial experience and leverages this to build best-in-class high-volume products in a dynamic startup environment.

Following requirements are a must, candidates must tick all boxes to be considered:

  • degree in Electrical Engineering with at least 10 years’ experience building high-volume antennas and packaging;
  • deep knowledge of all required EM EDA software like EMX, HFSS and ADS;
  • thorough understanding of RF test and measurement equipment and procedures.

Following qualifications will make you stand out:

  • deep knowledge and expertise in millimeter-wave design, layout, simulation and measurement;
  • familiarity with regulation, standardization and certification bodies and processes;
  • proven hands-on experience in designing and implementing complex electronic boards and systems, beyond antenna and RF design including experience with PCB design tools like Altium and Allegro.


Pharrowtech is an equal opportunity employer. We are looking for candidates who best combine technical skills with deep-rooted team spirit, regardless of race, gender, religion or any other factor not relevant for the job.