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2 Postdoctoral Researcher, 1 Research Associate positions: Mechanobiology and vascularization in bioengineered neurodevelopment, Laboratory of Bioengineering and Morphogenesis, KU Leuven

Two postdoctoral positions and one research associate (lab management) are available in the Laboratory of Bioengineering and Morphogenesis at KU Leuven. Our research focuses on understanding how active mechanical forces and vasculature guide stem cell fate decisions and tissue-scale morphogenesis in brain development, and how emergent morphogenesis and brain function can be engineered in-vitro.

We are looking for highly motivated, interdisciplinary post-doctoral researchers with a background in neurodevelopment and/or bioengineering to study (1) the role of active mechanical forces and (2) vasculature in brain development. The research positions aim at deploying artificial extracellular matrices, microfluidic devices, active force manipulation techniques, optogenetic tools and large-scale neural recording/writing probes to understand mechanisms of symmetry-breaking, growth and patterning in brain development. The candidate will be involved in developing an integrated framework for quantifying cellular forces in complex 3D multicellular systems, as well as in leveraging microfluidic tools to explore the relationship between cell fate, patterning, morphogenesis and function/connectivity in neural organoid model systems. You will combine state-of-the art bioengineering technologies and spatial transcriptomics to understand how force and flow-mediated patterning and morphogenesis events using synthetic in-vitro neural organoids.
The research fits within the scope of large, multidisciplinary research projects funded by the Allen Institute, FWO and KU Leuven. It brings together research groups from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Leuven Stem Cell Institute (SCIL), Leuven Center for Brain & Disease Research (VIB), Leuven Institute for single Cell Omics (LISCO) and Leuven Brain Institute (LBI). Expertise ranges from molecular biology to cell and matrix mechanobiology, optogenetics, device development, advanced microscopy and spatial transcriptomics.
The Laboratory of Bioengineering and Morphogenesis is in the department of Mechanical Engineering at KU Leuven, Belgium and is affiliated with the Leuven Brain Institute (LBI) and the Leuven Institute for Single Cell Omics (LISCO). We collaborate with other groups involved in developmental neurobiology at KU Leuven and internationally. The laboratory is headed by Adrian Ranga and is highly interdisciplinary, seeking to establish a fundamental understanding of neurodevelopmental mechanisms while generating novel technologies and experimental tools (eg. microfluidics, synthetic materials, actuation devices, optogenetic force sensors and actuators) in order to unravel their role in brain development. More information can be found on https://www.mech.kuleuven.be/e...

For the postdoc position, we are looking for researchers having recently completed or soon to complete a PhD in developmental biology or bioengineering, with a preference for a background in neuro or vascular biology and a combination of biophysics, bioengineering, electrophysiology and/or molecular biology. For the research associate position, we are broadly looking for scientists with experience in mammalian cell culture (organoid experience preferred), with excellent organizational skills, who have recently completed a Bachelor, Masters or PhD and wish to continue pursuing scientific research in a flexible lab management / technical role.

These are full-time positions (funding secured for three years, with possibility of extension) in a very international, interdisciplinary and challenging research environment, with many opportunities for collaboration, both at and outside KU Leuven and exposure to cutting-edge technology. The offer includes a competitive salary, including social security. KU Leuven is among the top European universities and a hub for interdisciplinary research at the interface of engineering and biomedical sciences. The city of Leuven offers a historical, vibrant international and young environment with a rich socio-cultural life. Good knowledge of English is sufficient for all communications both within and outside the research group. The positions are available immediately and will be filled once suitable candidates have been identified. For more information please contact Prof. Adrian Ranga with CV, cover/motivation letter and references at: adrian.ranga@kuleuven.be

For more information please contact Prof. Adrian Ranga with CV, cover/motivation letter and references at: adrian.ranga@kuleuven.be


Nederlands - English


Apply before: 15/10/2023

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