IoT Software Research Engineer

16 September 2019

You develop innovative functionalities for MES software and build the next-generation IoT technology for industrial automation.

Flanders Make builds prototype production systems of the future in which intelligent information systems and robots collect and interpret huge amounts of data. We demonstrate to companies the increasing opportunities offered by digitally interconnected work cells in which technology supports operators with self-learning systems and dynamic instructions. It is your job to ensure a smooth connection between the planning system and structured data flows from subsystems (status of assembly part, stock, orders, quality control, machine settings...), always within a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) environment.

Job description

As IoT Software Research Engineer, you work:

  • on intelligent software network systems that connect MES with proprietary data flows;
  • on game-changing pilot projects (2-3 years) in close partnerships with manufacturing companies in Belgium;
  • together with expert researchers in robotics, automation, data science, artificial intelligence, software architecture and logistic production processes;
  • using your software development expertise, which you will be able to develop, particularly for MES.

More in particular, for Internet-of-Things applications in manufacturing companies, you want to:

  • Conceive, develop, programme and realise innovative extensions to MES;
  • Enable the connection between MES systems and other IT platforms such as ERP/MOM/LIMS/PLM. In doing so, you also take into account the data influx from other relevant data sources (operator, own measurements...);
  • Incorporate your developments in practical applications and test the software on a functional demonstrator – prototype assembly cell;
  • Present the progress of your technical concepts and findings at regular intervals to colleagues and partners;
  • Actively monitor the estimated direction of new MES software developments.


We are looking for:

  • A creative and analytical conceptual thinker who is keen to explore new software capabilities;
    • Based on adequate knowledge of MES software, for instance through his/her experience with the implementation of a MES system (Wonderware MES, GE Plant Apps, Brighteye, MEScontrol.NET, Siemens SimaticIT…).
  • A technology-driven software developer who likes to co-shape automation projects from concept to realisation;
    • With knowledge of and/or a keen interest in programming tools such as C#.NET:VB.NET or ASP.NET/MVC, Microsoft SQL Server and Reporting Services;
  • Experience with industrial automation (PLC/SCADA) is an extra asset.
  • Someone with a relevant Master’s degree who loves a job with plenty of autonomy and learning opportunities.

We can offer you:

  • A challenging job in which you can work with experts in various domains and can use state-of-the-art infrastructure;
  • An open corporate culture with short communication lines;
  • Research within a multi-stakeholder context;
  • An enthusiastic, international team.

Contribute to industrial innovation with ownership

The projects that you will contribute to bring technology to the production area of companies and support operators (both ergonomically and cognitively) in their increasingly complex job.

You will, for instance, work on dynamic work instructions for operators, multimedia applications (smart glasses, projection, smart displays) at the workplace, intuitive robots that interact with operators and virtual reality training sessions...

This animated film illustrates how Flanders Make sees operators functioning in the factory of the future, working side by side with cobots and autonomous mobile robots. All research starts from a generic theoretical point of view with one or more business cases that require a working prototype.

How to apply?

To apply for this job opportunity, please go to

Complete the online application form and download your motivation letter and CV.