Reducing stroke symptoms using a novel device and strategy; translational research

15 June 2020

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You can apply for this job no later than October 31, 2020 via the online application tool

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Ref BAP-2020-458

Apply before 31 October 2020

The lab of Experimental Functional Neurosurgery is part of the Research Group of Experimental Neurosurgery and Neuroanatomy. In this Research Group, neurosurgeons from University Hospitals Leuven, who are appointed as a professor at KU Leuven, perform their research.


Four researchers from KU Leuven and IMEC closely work together, each with their own PhD-students. Your task within that team will be to setup a rodent stroke model, and develop a strategy to electrically stimulate and record from well-defined brain areas in order to decrease stroke symptoms. For that purpose you will test novel flexible active electrode systems, developed by the rest of the team. Your creative input for this translational research and hard work are essential. You are able to finish a PhD in time.


- You have a master’s degree in the field of biomedical sciences or life sciences or you are (being) trained as a neurosurgeon, neurologist or rehabilitation specialist

- You were trained in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology and you have a strong interest in neuroscience

- Prior experience in electrophysiology, endoscopy and/or animal research is an advantage

- You are very eager to make a PhD and for that reason you wish to spend 4 years full time in research or you can do research in parallel with part time clinical training

- You are skilled in English writing

- You are creative, goal-oriented and easy to collaborate with and you can work independently


Paid full time position in research or 50% position in research, both with the aim to obtain a PhD in Biomedical Sciences.