Liang Sun

  • Liang Sun, 32 years old, Chinese
  • High-Tech sector
  • Founder of Generate

About Liang

Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Liang first came to Belgium as a student in Antwerp in 2010. Since graduation in 2013, Liang has been running a business development service company Generate, which helps European companies enter the Chinese market or source from China. In 2018, when Liang decided to set up an office in Europe, he chose Leuven because of the vibrant city and it’s cluster of Belgian technology companies and eco-system.

Liang at a glance

Length of time in the Leuven Region: 1 year
Reason for coming to Leuven: His own company
Favorite spot in Leuven: Abdij van Park
Favorite phrase in Dutch: Lekker

Liang's Top Tips for Living in Leuven

  1. Use platforms such as Internations or Meetup to network with other international or local people in Leuven
  2. It’s quite easy to get around in Leuven by bicycles which can be rented
  3. Take a walk in the Park Abbey and have a drink there – it’s beautiful

About Generate

Generate is a sales and marketing service company that serves European companies across sectors to generate sales and extend market reach. We provide companies with a low risk, cost effective and practical means to target the China markets, generate new and incremental revenues.

More Information

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  • Liang's favorite place in Leuven, and where we see him walking in the video, is the Park Abbey site.
  • If you'd like to connect with Liang personally, feel free to reach out to him via his LinkedIn profile.