The Leuven Region: The Home for International Talent

Multi-National, Multi-Talented, Multi-Cultural: Multi-Faceted Leuven...
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Leuven MindGate has two missions. Succinctly put, we aim to (1) strengthen the Leuven ecosystem and (2) help internationalize the region. One way we do this is by working to attract international talent and help local companies hire and retain that talent. That's why we've put together this project. To show the world that Leuven is the ideal home for international talent. We've curated our information based on who you are.

If you're a talented international person looking for your new home, please click here to find out all the reasons why Leuven is the place to be! You'll find links to resources available here, job sites, and information about the exciting companies that make up the ecosystem. You'll also find testimonials from international Leuvenaars (people who live in Leuven) about what brought them here, what keeps them here, and why they Leuve their (new) city.

Are you already a Leuvenaar? Do you want to know more about the international Leuvenaars who live, work, love, and play here? Would you like more information about the support available for finding, hiring, and retaining international talent? Click here and you'll find all the info you could want.

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As befits the integrated, cross-over-rich Leuven region, we couldn't have realized this project without the help and support of partners and key players. Thank you!

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