Television from Leuven

TV-chef Jeroen Meus shows what to cook in award-winning TV-show Dagelijkse Kost, breaks all records by doing so.

'When there's nothing else on TV but cooking shows, what do you do? You create a cooking show.' However, Leuven-based production company Hotel Hungaria replaced the chef in his white apron with the guy next door, literally! Leuven born-and-bred chef Jeroen Meus was put in a kitchen anyone can literally walk past, bringing the action closer than ever before. The recipe caught on. In 2012, Dagelijkse Kost won the Flemish award for best TV-show, broke all cookery book records and aired in Spain and Portugal. 

To celebrate the 1000th episode, viewers had to choose their classic Flemish dish. The winner was Stoofvlees Friet (beef stew with fries). Jeroen encouraged the viewers to prepare the dish on March 1, National Stoofvlees Friet day. Viewers were free to use his recipe or your own, since Jeroen is well aware that everyone claims his or her recipe is the best. This perfectly emphasizes Dagelijkse Kost's succesful recipe: simple dishes, classics with a twist, a good vibe ... and some extra butter.