New apple varieties

More resistant, a nicer colour, better flavour and longer shelf-life. Better3Fruit develops tomorrow's top fruits.

Better3Fruit 'designs' new and better fruit, complying to both the consumer and industry's wishes. Their most famous creation is the Kanzi apple, an apple with a distinctive shine, flavour and shelf-life. Even at colder temperatures, its trees still offer a profitable harvest. This made the Kanzi one of the farmers favorites across all of Europe. 

The apple is popular among farmers because of the high return it offers. Not just the great harvests but also its success in the supermarkets granted this juicy Leuvenite's its popularity. In fact, the Kanzi became so popular that it was only available year-round from 2013 on, no less than ten years after it was launched. Today, half of the Kanzi apples are grown in Belgium, the rest in Europe, North America and Southern Africa.