Creativity from Leuven making the Belgian Red Devils hot again

Devil's Challenged, conceived and developed by Leuven-based full-service agency Boondoggle, brought the Belgian Red Devils' popularity to unseen heights.

After ten dark years for the Belgian Red Devils (Belgium's national football team), Boondoggle, a Leuven based full-service agency, was hired by the Belgian Football Federation to close the gap between the team and the fans during the qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup. The WC 2014 was to be the first big tournament where Belgium's 'Golden Generation' would finally take the stage.

The agency came up with the Duiveluitdagingen (Devil's challenges) in which the players gave assignments to the fans, such as painting the whole country red or turning backyards into miniature stadiums. If fulfilled, the players promised a counterpart. The campaign sparked a new wave of pride, selling out every home game and bringing the popularity of the Red Devils to unseen heights.