Facts and figures

The naked truth. These statistics, offered by the Flemish Government, show why Leuven MindGate is a region well worth doing business in. 

Work productivity

2012, in euro

This graph indicates the economic performance of Flanders' biggest cities.

An increase in work productivity means that the quantity of available workforce can create more gross value added, and thus realize more economic welfare.

Source: Stadsmonitor Vlaanderen

Job Ratio

2012, in %

The job ratio is the total employment (employees and self-employed) in relation to the number of inhabitants of working age.

The total number of jobs in a city, regardless of what profiles they are for, is divided by the total number of inhabitants between 15 and 64 years old who live in the city.

Leuven scores the highest because of employment offered by and for the university and university colleges.

Source: Stadsmonitor Vlaanderen

Companies who survive their first five years

2012, in %

This number encompasses the total number of starting companies still active five years after they were founded. 

With 79,4%, companies have the highest rate of survival in Leuven thanks to its beneficial ecosystem, the city's efforts to boost entrepreneurship and great geographical location. 

Source: Stadsmonitor Vlaanderen

Net growth in number of companies

2012, in %

The left (dark) rod indicates the total growth percentage. The right (light) rod indicates the growth of companies with personnel.

Net growth of companies equals the difference between the number of starting and ceasing companies spanning the four previous years.

Leuven's entrepreneurial ecosystem grows by 4%, creating a stable basis for welfare and job creation.

Source: Stadsmonitor Vlaanderen

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