Business in Leuven

Leuven MindGate's ecosystem offers numerous possibilities for alliances, co-creation, cross-pollination and partnerships. This allows our economy, our region, our companies and our lives to grow and improve. Innovation has never gone faster and Leuven has never been a better place to do business than it is now.

The region for Health, High-Tech and Creativity

The Leuven MindGate region houses one of Europe's most modern and well equipped hospitals, where education and R&D are the order of the day.

These days, success stories in Health can't be written without a solid High-Tech sector. This favorable climate for knowledge-driven entrepreneurship has resulted in a dense network of high-tech companies.

To top it off, the indispensable innovation and creativity comes from our rapidly growing Creative sector.

Discover Leuven's ecosystem

How Leuven MindGate makes a difference

Leuven MindGate represents the Leuven ecosystem in a so-called Triple Helix model, where companies, knowledge institutions and the government closely collaborate. With this collaboration, Leuven Mindgate wants to position the Leuven region internationally as a top destination in Health, High-Tech and Creativity and strengthen the region's ecosystem for the benefit of local companies.

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Facts and figures

How do we compare with other regions in Belgium? How much money does the region maken and what is the chance for starting companies to survive in Leuven?

Find out here why Leuven MindGate could be your future destination for business.

Facts and figures