28 Sep 2018

Spice up your knowledge of single-cell technology and come meet the experts

General info

Organized by the Government of Flanders, Belgium and VIB, the leading biotech R&D center in Europe


Technologies for single-cell analysis are providing extraordinary novel insights into the complexity of biological systems such as tissue heterogeneity, gene expression dynamics, cellular development and disease progression. With these single-cell technologies, scientists can now analyze single cells instead of cell populations which makes it possible to discover mechanisms that are not detected when studying a bulk population of cells.

For example, they can monitor a cell in the process of becoming cancerous, identify changes due to a disease-causing virus, or track how a cell responds to treatment. Advances in cellular analysis promise earlier diagnosis and improved therapies for a wide array of diseases.

VIB is one of the earliest adopters of disruptive single-cell technologies because we believe that these technologies will further boost our ground-breaking research. To date, these single-cell technologies have made the greatest impact in the fields of cancer, inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. However, as the technologies and data analysis approaches continue to improve at a rapid pace, it is expected that they will soon enhance our functional understanding of individual cells in other domains. During this event, you will be introduced to VIB, its research, potential collaboration options and the importance of single-cell technologies to advance life sciences research.

Organized by VIB (Flemish Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology) and the Government of Flanders, Belgium and supported by JLABS and NY Genome Center.


8:30am : Registration - Welcome - Coffee

8:45am : VIB: Where Science Meets Life
Come and meet one of Europe’s most successful research institutes
Els Hermans, VIB Innovation and Business.

9:15am : VIB Single-cell Technologies and VIB Single-cell Accelerator
Single-cell Technology: Where are we now and where will we be going? Your gateway to emerging breakthrough single-cell technologies at VIB
Silvie Van den Hoecke, VIB Technology Watch Team

10:15am : Technology, machine learning, and biology in the era of single-cell genomics
A talk by one of the key opinion leaders in the single cell field
Stein Aerts, VIB-KU Leuven; Center for Brain & Disease Research

11:15am : Q&A

12:00pm : End

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