09 Apr 2020
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Realistic, feasible and productive teleworking and planning

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Thursday 9 April, 11AM-12AM

Leuven MindGate & Make me Fly

Members: Free

Non-Members: 30 euro

Opgelet: maximum 3 personen per bedrijf mogen deelnemen aan het webinar ongeacht de afdeling of departement.

Attention: a maximum of 3 persons per company may participate in the webinar regardless of department.

Logo Mindgate events

Working from home has suddenly become the norm for employees who aren’t in manufacturing. Not everyone is used to having to organize their work to that. On top of that, a lot of employees get extra tasks: caring for their kids, solving practical problems for their own family and maybe those of parents, filling their own needs... Some might even be closed off from the social contact they need.

In this online training we treat 2 elements of this new temporary reality in a very hands-on way:

Organizing yourself on your specific reality and possibilities:

• How to schedule your time for outwork realistically? What are your possibilities and impossibilities?

• How to establish your priorities?

• Consultations: when, how, why and how frequent?

• Efficient and practical organization of your workspace:

• How to communicate progress or lack thereof?

• What about practical obstacles? (Wi-Fi doesn’t work, server is not responding, document not available...)

• How to avoid driving each other crazy, at home and in the team?

Boosting your productivity whilst keeping a healthy balance

• Bounds become fluid because anchor points have been cut off and work at home is home at work. How to set the right boundaries?

• Making sure you take enough off-time to fulfill your needs.

• Don’t forget your body: we are now sitting more than ever. How to schedule enough exercise and social contact in these times?


The session is interactive through chat.

About the coach - Els Deboutte

The coach- Els Deboutte Els Deboutte is a psychologist, coach, trainer and author and founding associate of ‘Make me Fly!’. Over the course of more than 20 years of experience as a psychologist, trainer, HR manager and consultant, she learned to recognize and reinforce the talent in people. From this experience ‘Make me Fly!’, a coaching and training organization of about 30 professional coaches and trainers, was founded. The organization specializes in making people and teams autonomous and self-sufficient in their careers and collaborations. ‘Make me Fly!’ offers (career) coaching, training and outplacement.