14 Jun 2017

No Nonsense Conference with free tickets for Leuven MindGate members

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Wednesday 14th of June 2017

Netwerk Ondernemen

€ 59 – € 199

We have 10 free tickets for Leuven MindGate members. Email info@leuvenmindgate.be to get one!

Chancellerie Building – BNP Paribas Fortis
Kanselarijstraat 1
1000 Brussels
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On Wednesday 14th of June 2017, Netwerk Ondernemen organizes its very first edition of the No Nonsense Conference (NO2 Conference) for startups and scale-ups in Brussels. This conference is not about dreaming big but doing big. The theme of that day is WELLBEING (health, sports, food & beverages).

No Nonsense conference: what to expect? 5 ENTREPRENEURS TAKE THE STAGE

· Get to meet Bieke Van Gorp from FibriCheck who will share her personal story with us. Why did she join Fibricheck and what are their ambitions?

· Koen Kas is driven by the aim to make healthcare personalised, predictive, and preventive. 'No more sick' is about paying the doctor only if he keeps you well. This and a lot more business development suggestions can be expected from Koen Kas.

· Don’t try to change a 3 into a 6 but make a 10 of a 7! As former coach of the Dutch Women’s national team, Marc Lammers knows how to inspire an audience and make you go the extra mile.

· Meet the flying man, Cedric Dumont! As one of the well-known basejumpers in the world he knows everything about risk taking and fear because being safe won’t get you anywhere. Listen to his journey of educated risktaking

· Sahar Hashemi started Coffee Republic (turnover of £ 30 million and active in > 100 locations) and Skinny Candy which she both sold successfully. She is a best-selling author and is nominated for several awards like the Top 10 Original Thinkers. Get inspired by this serial entrepreneur!

MEET AND GREET Not only can you listen to the stories of Cedric Dumont and Sahar Hashemi but you can also have a meet & greet with them! In a small group of 12 you will get the chance to meet them in person and ask them all the questions you want! UNIQUE NETWORKING Meet other experienced entrepreneurs, scale-ups and start-ups in an unique setting. The Chancellerie of BNP Paribas Fortis is a beautiful location that breathes inspiration. WHY THE THEME WELLBEING The theme of that day is “Wellbeing”. Not only did we choose 5 speakers active in different wellbeing sectors (healthcare, sports, food, …), but we will also provide healthy but yummie food! For example: try the delicious granola of scale-up Floom and mix it with the 100% organic yoghurt of O’YO. You can also meet Activ84Health, a scale-up that provides 360 degrees rides for elderly people in nursing homes. They put on 360 degrees’ glasses while riding an hometrainer and thanks to the glasses they can ride wherever they want. Curious? Take a seat and try it yourself! We believe that wellbeing is something different for everyone! Get inspired by our 5 speakers but also get to know scale-ups active in this sector and be amazed!