08 Sep 2020
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Leuven MindGate MashUp Webinars

General info

The idea is to bring to life the very heart of the Leuven MindGate mission: cross-overs and strength through collaboration.

We'll pick a theme - something our members have brought to our attention - an give YOU the opportunity to get together with members of the Leuven ecosystem to exchange ideas, experience, and solutions with each other. You will bring the content, talking about your issues and past experiences - both positive and negative - as well as asking and answering each other's questions. Each session will have a moderator to keep things on track. The most technical themes will have an expert in the room who can answer more in-depth questions.

Max. 20 people per MashUp.
1 participant per company.

Free for Leuven MindGate members
€30 for non-members

Logo Mindgate events

Do you fancy discussing common issues with fellow entrepreneurial enthusiasts in an informal setting? Do you have experiences to offer and want to hear about how others have tackled similar situations? These MashUps offer the perfect venue!

When: 08/09/2020, 08AM-10AM

Where: Online zoom meeting

What: International Talent Retainment

Experts: Olivia Cardinaels, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist bij Imec

This Mash-Up focuses on two questions : how to attract expat profiles and how to retain international talent?

In this war for talent, companies and HR should think differently and holistically about attracting and retaining international talent. It’s not just about the recruitment, once you’ve found your top-talent expat, how can you make sure they stay with you? What are the specific needs of international employees in Belgium ? How can you build a long-lasting professional relationship with your international employees?

Interested in learning more from our expert and discussing these questions with fellow entrepreneurs ? Then come and join us ! The session will be moderated by Olivia Cardinaels, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist for Imec.

When: 18/09/2020, 12AM-14PM

Where: Online zoom meeting

What: Spatial Computing

Experts: Bert Waltniel (Bazookas)

“Spatial Computing is a paradigm, by bringing together different emerging technologies. It is not just about the well-known Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), it goes far beyond that. It offers so much more through combining AR and VR with technologies such as computer vision, machine learning, 5G and many more! What a time to be a alive, isn’t it?

All these technologies together offer alluring opportunities such as the use of 5G and edge computing to push intensive virtual experiences to smaller wearables. Another example is the use of 360° camera’s, robotics and haptic feedback to provide users with a virtual presence at real events or real places, expanding our experience in places that may not be accessible.

These, and so many other examples will be discussed during the mashup so don't hesitate to register!

When: 28/09/2020, 14PM-16PM

Where: Online zoom meeting

What: Doing Business with China: Exporting or Sourcing as a Region

Experts: Liang Sun (Generate)

You are looking for an interesting export-market? You are planning on, or already are entering the Chinese market with your products, technologies or services? Then this Mash-Up is thé place to be for you !

With expert Liang Sun, CEO of Generate, and Valentin De Le Court, lawyer with a China IP experience at Daldewolf, at the table you’ll learn everything about new business opportunities emerging in China under COVID-19, export opportunities and distribution models, marketing entry strategy, how to successfully transfer technologies to China, how to find a right distribution or supply chain partner in China …