25 Jun 2019

Health in ᒪ ᐯ ᑎ - Leuven Value Network

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Tuesday 25 June


Leuven Value Network and Health House

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€15 - €20

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Health House
Gaston Geenslaan 11-B4
3001 Leuven
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Powered by Leuven MindGate, ᒪ ᐯ ᑎ is a new non-profit initiative that wants to accelerate value creation through collaboration. We believe that we can only solve the world's most complex problems together.

Experience the future of Health in ᒪ ᐯ ᑎ

✔ Future of Health experience tours
Prepare yourself for a unique journey through the future of health. Sign up for one of the 30min tours.

✔ TALKS from
• Wim Tambeur - COO of UZ Leuven
• Frederique Neys - Sports orthopedic physiotherapist & more

• Startups
• Ideas

✔ and of course... NETWORKING

Powered by Leuven MindGate

Supported by Stad Leuven, Lcie - KU Leuven, Cronos Leuven, RAAK Design Studio, M-ighty & ING Korbeek-Lo