06 Nov 2018

Health I/O

Digital technology, including the ever increasing possibilities of new sensors, datamining & artificial intelligence is changing healthcare dramatically. Digitalization is at the basis of more objective decision making in healthcare and at the same time brings down global healthcare expenses.

Developing new solutions to solve problems in health care is challenging and comes with its own unique set of hurdles. Digital health entrepreneurs bring a lot of value but are confronted with obstacles such as regulatory aspects including sufficient (clinical) validation, reimbursement, go-to-market strategies and funding.

This workshop gives you a clear overview of the essentials of starting a digital health venture. We offer the opportunity to learn from the experiences of experts in the field, who will share their personal stories, insights and lessons learned.

Are you a student, researcher or entrepreneur (to-be)? Are you thrilled by the idea of starting up your own venture or connecting with an entrepreneurial team? Then join us for this unique workshop!

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