09 · 10 May 2019

Hack The Waste

General info

9 and 10 May (exciting 24 hours)

Students from Belgium (UCLL), the Netherlands (Fontys), South Africa (ITversity Belgium Campus), and DOBA Business School students from Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia.


Current problems in waste management in households, distributing surplus food in restaurants, plastic waste management, etc

Do you like innovations and new challenges? Can you imagine working in an international and interdisciplinary team which creates a new solution for waste management within 24 hours? And what if your solution convinces investors and opens new opportunities in your career? This solution includes a new application and preparation of the entire concept for the development of the solution into a potential innovation with a convincing pitch for investors. If so, the International Innovation Hackathon project is the opportunity you have been looking for.


A 24-hour online meeting with participants from different countries, establishing connections with members of an international team with the chosen tools, intermediate assistance from tutors, final pitch presentations for the committee, announcing the winners and conferring the awards.

All UCLL students are invited to join us.

During the hackathon, coaches and catering are sponsored by Ausy

The projects will be held in English.

More information can be found on https://www.hackthewaste.com