07 Feb 2019

Frascati Symphonic performs 'Fausto'

Art and science both arise from creative and critical thinking. They both want to understand the world as it is as well as contribute to the development and creation of our future. Artists and academics go through a similar process, albeit from radically different frames of reference. This is precisely why La Monnaie and the VUB want to collaborate more intensively and bring Homo Roboticus to life, an event where robots and people will share the stage.

The event Homo Roboticus event takes place at La Monnaie on Thursday evening, 7 February 2019. What can you expect? A program consisting of dance performances, inspiring presentations, artistic interventions and demonstrations. The event will be held in English. Leuven MindGate member Frascati Symphonic will perform the opera 'Fausto'.