20 Mar 2018
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Tuesday 20 March 2018


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650 euro (ex. VAT): all others

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The price contains book and material, your 20 pages personal Insight profile, worth 150 euro (this profile will be used during the session), coffee breaks and lunch.


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What is your personal leadership style? How do you want to develop and how can you get there? How can you influence your team? To get an answer to these questions, insights in your own behaviour are very important : insights in yourself and your preferences in leadership.

This Insight is what the Insights Discovery method offers to managers: through an online questionnaire, which you complete before the session, your personal Insights profile is drawn. This is a detailed personal report of approximately 20 pages. Through this profile and the knowledge of a simple colourful system you get to know your personal strengths and potential, you learn your leadership preferences in an easy, practical and positive way.

This profile is the basis of an intensive hands-on workshop. In a small group and with the guidance of a coach, you will reflect on your leadership competencies and you will learn how to develop them further. This results in new levels of effectivity and communication, improved team dynamics and team performance and thus a more positive and productive work environment for everyone.

Your personal 20-page Insights profile contains:

  • A general chapter containing: your personal style and approach, your strengths and possible weak spots, your value in a team, communication style, possible blind spots, how to connect with your opposite type, suggestions for development
  • A specific chapter on management: your preferences in leadership, insights in motivation, how to connect to the needs of your team members

After this session you will:

  • Know the difference between management and leadership
  • Have personal insights in your own leadership style
  • Have an insight which the effect of your style is on your environment
  • Know possible pitfalls of your own behaviour
  • Know the differences in personality preferences, and know how to connect with all of them to improve and optimise the collaborations with others

Target group

This workshop is specifically designed for teamleaders and managers


This one day workshop is developed and delivered by Ivie Cardinaels, accredited Insights trainer and proprietor of Visionata.



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