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"80% of new companies in Leuven will still exist in five years, which is the highest number in Belgium. That's one of the reasons we chose to settle here."

"The geographic location of the region and the presence of both the university and talent convinced us to move our EMEA headquarters to Leuven ."
- Nitto Europe

"Leuven MindGate increases awareness for the innovative character of the region. This contributes to the foundation of new spin-off companies and attracts partners for R&D cooperation and license agreements. By strengthening the local eco(n)system, Leuven MindGate helps us to build an ideal climate for high-tech entrepreneurship and innovation."
- KU Leuven Research & Development

By becoming a member of Leuven MindGate ...

  1. You actively support our mission to put the Leuven MindGate region on the map as the premier region for health, high-tech and creativity.
  2. You’ll join a network of leading companies, knowledge institutions and organizations who support the same cause and are always looking out for opportunities to cooperate.
  3. Depending on your membership, you have the option to join our Board of Directors or one of our taskforces to help determine Leuven MindGate’s course.
  4. Through Leuven MindGate, you will have the opportunity to participate in both local and international projects that correspond with our members’ scope and will help Leuven MindGate reach its goals.
  5. You are invited to join international missions, trade fairs etc. where you will represent the Leuven MindGate ecosystem.
  6. You will enjoy a discount for all our activities and have access to members-only content and activities.