Leuven plays a leading role in the European knowledge economy and has a solid track record in health and life sciences.

University Hospital Leuven

Leuven’s healthcare and health science are some of the best in world. . The University Hospital (UZ Leuven) is one of Europe's most modern and well-equipped hospitals where education, advanced research and medical care come together.

Research & Development

Knowledge institutions KU Leuven, imec and VIB all have a strong focus on biomedical R&D. They collaborate with global players in the pharmaceutical and health care industries, and have set up numerous spin-off companies with global appeal.

Where health and technology meet

Medical software and IT applications developed in Leuven are known for their reliability and innovative approach. Nexuz Health, an integrated IT-system to digitally manage patient files, is being used by over 15 hospitals in Flanders. Among them two of Leuven MindGate's founding members UZ Leuven and Regionaal Ziekenhuis Heilig Hart.

Belgium is held in high regard when it comes to biomedical R&D, partly because of the highest number of clinical tests per capita worldwide. Researchers followed excellent education, equipment is state of the art and the procedure to start Phase 1 studies is Europe's fastest.

Zorgzaam Leuven

Zorgzaam Leuven is one of the twelve Integreo projects in Belgium. The project is testing a complex intervention based on the principles of integrated care. Zorgzaam Leuven aims to develop a population health approach for a well defined population of approximately 100.000 inhabitants living in the town of Leuven.

More specifically for patients suffering from chronical diseases, and a change of culture where the actors, professionals & patients, will collaborate differently to end up with a more efficient care provision, responding to the needs of the patients, in order to improve the quality of life.