Het DNA Van Leuven

Het DNA Van Leuven, a TV-series made by regional TV station ROB-tv, first aired on November 2 at 18:30. The series are a production by Nieveranst and shows the innovative potential and diversity of the Leuven MindGate ecosystem. The focus is put on how companies work together with knowledge institutes and the government in order to create success stories in everyday life.

Compilation episodes

Free stream and download of a short and long compilation episode of Het DNA Van Leuven with English subtitles. Great for using in presentations.

Episode 1 - E-Saturnus

Two Leuven-born brothers start E-Saturnus, a company which later comes up with a robot solution for surgeons, aiding them with accuracy and stability in even the most complex operations. UZ Leuven is one of the first believers in the solution and starts to implement it in their surgical center. Meanwhile, E-Saturnus' product comes to the attention of Sony.

Episode 2 - De Hoorn

What was once a run-down and abandoned area in Leuven became one of the city's most desired places to live and work. Boondoggle, once on the verge of moving to Brussels, is one of the pioneers at the Vaartkom. Together with project developers the company renovated the old Stella Artois brewery into an office, café, event space etc. This project sparked an urban renewal, now known as Vaartopia.

Episode 3 - Cochlear

KU Leuven's Faculty of Medicine is constantly looking for new ways to refine current hearing implants. This research caught the attention of Cochlear, world leader in hearing implants, who is still using the KU Leuven's technology in their implants up to this date. Better recognition of speech in a loud environment and better perception of music are just two of the many new benefits this technology has given.

Episode 4 - CommScope

CommScope in Kessel-Lo houses innovative technology which connects the whole world through the fiberglass network. The Kessel-Lo branch taps in to the unique features which the Leuven MindGate region has to offer: proximity to the airport and to the research and innovation of the KU Leuven. CommScope's products are tested for the most extreme conditions, such as the frigid temperatures of Siberia, the scorching hot desert of Saudi Arabia or even the trembling of the earth when a train passes by every two minutes.

Episode 5 - ThromboGenics

Biopharmaceutical company ThromboGenics developed a breakthrough in eye surgery. Vitreomacular traction (VMT) syndrome is a disorder of the retina resulting in a decline of visual function. Previously, eye surgeons needed to perform complex operations in order for the patient to start a long recovery process. ThromboGenics has cooperated with UZ Leuven to develop a medicine where a simple injection can cure VMT syndrome. 

Episode 6 - Materialise

Leuven houses one of the pioneers in 3D printing. Next to printing objects used for engineering purposes, Materialise also specialises in 3D bioprinting. This episode shows an example where Materialise offers a 3D printed solution for a patient with a shattered forearm. This technology allows doctors to reconstruct parts of the body which, previously, needed to be amputated. We're already printing bones, are functioning organs next?

Episode 7 - Batiment A

Artists and the government collaborate in cases ranging from modular park benches to communicating Leuven's new circulation plan. In order to keep on creating and to give Leuven's creative scene the necessary oxygen, space is needed. Next to streetart sites, Batiment A is one of these spaces where atists can co-create the next innovative design which might just find its place in the city streets. 

Episode 8 - imec & international school of leuven

Being the world leader in nano-electronics, imec doesn't need an introduction. Engineers from all over the world know about this Leuven-based world leader and even dream of a career here. Over 80 nationalities call imec their workplace, making integration one of the key elements on which to focus for its HR department. The International School of Leuven (ISL) boats well with this influx of international knowledge workers and, in a way, serves as the barometer for Leuven MindGate's international character: if the companies attract international talent, the ISL grows.