Leuven is Flanders' Little Big Town, brimming with knowledge and creativity. Located at the heart of Europe, you'll find everything you need in Leuven. It's the hometown of lots of highly educated young people… and the famous Stella Artois beer! What more could you wish for?

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Leuven,  a great place to live

Leuven is a beautiful, welcoming and accessible - in short, a great - place to live. Steeped in centuries of culture and history, Leuven quickly captures your heart. It is an internationally oriented city accustomed to accommodating individuals and families from every background. It boasts an excellent education system, including international schools, and offers a high standard of medical care.
It is fully linked into Belgium’s motorway, railway and bus network and is only 15 kilometres from Brussels International Airport and 25 kilometres from Brussels, the capital of Europe. With a population of 98,000 inhabitants, Leuven is a lovely medium-sized city offering a pleasant balance between work, leisure, culture and sport.

Since its founding in 1425, the University of Leuven has played an important role in the history of the city, which itself spans more than a thousand years. Many historic buildings, such as the city hall, the university hall, Saint Peter’s Church and the university library, bear witness to Leuven’s prosperous history. The Stella Artois brewery, which was established in 1366 and has now, as AB Inbev, become a global player in brewing, has also helped shape Leuven into the flourishing city it is today.

The city’s 50,000 students, spread across the university and university colleges, give the city a youthful and vibrant feel. 154 nationalities work, study and live in Leuven and give the city an unmistakably international flavour. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, sports facilities and music events to enjoy, while those searching for a little peace and quiet can go for a stroll in the parks, squares, museums or countryside in and around Leuven.  Plan your visit at the website of the Tourism Office.

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