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The Leuven MindGate region is a hotspot for technology development and high-tech entrepreneurship. This favorable climate for knowledge-driven entrepreneurship has resulted in a dense network of high-tech companies.

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Cronos Group
LSEC Leaders in Security
Start it @kbc
UC Leuven-Limburg
KU Leuven Research & Development
KU Leuven – University of Leuven
Flanders Smart Hub
DSP Valley

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University-to-industry contracts in 2013


Active high-tech companies


People employed in science parks


Patent applications by imec & the University in 2013

Leuven is one of Europe’s most prolific regions for high-tech business development and innovation. Leuven’s technology platforms and knowledge institutes perform pioneering interdisciplinary research in a variety of high-tech domains, such as e-security, ICT, mechatronics, smart systems, nanoelectronics, materials research and cleantech. In the Leuven region, world-class international and spin-off companies, technology platforms and knowledge institutes closely interact, generating a dynamic high-tech cluster.


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